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New Video Pod!

Our special guests on todays Weirder Together podcast is our dear pal, Canadian author, director and screenwriter, Kelly Oxford.

We became fans of Kelly’s voice online years ago, and that transformed into an IRL friendship at some point along the way. We’ve been talking about trying to pod together for a while, so glad it came together!

We chat all about sex, relationships, why wheelchairs are more useful than film school, Piscean friendships, Kelly’s recent health crisis and lots more.

Kelly is an incredible writer with an excellent Substack newsletter that you must join immediately!

As always, our podcast is absolutely free to listen to on Apple Podcasts or Spotify…

…but the only place to watch the video of the episode is RIGHT HERE on

our substack. We give you a healthy slice of it as a taster, but the rest of paywalled for our paid subscribers only.

Become one of our Beautiful Babies!

Hope you’ve been digging our content these first few weeks of our substack. Feel free to let us know anything you’d especially like to see/hear/read more of from us!

Love you beautiful babies!

Ione and Ben

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